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The journey begins back in 1989 when the Hovanec family entered the ice cream business. Jeri, George, and son Craig purchased an ice cream store. As the new endeavor became more familiar to the three entrepreneurs, the business began to grow. The store named Country Parlour Sweets also hosted giftware, hand dipped chocolates and penny candies. At the time it was Strongsville’s oldest candy store.

A couple of years later, after graduating from college, another son Dave joined the team. Up to this point the ice cream was purchased from a local supplier.

In 1992, The Hovanec’s purchased their first machine and our goal was to make concoctions. Wholesome quality ice cream that was creamy, flavorful and contained generous amounts of chocolate chunks, fruits, nuts, and candies was the goal.

The rest is history. Customers soon noticed the difference in Country Parlour ice cream, and they really loved the change. Quality products, excellent friendly service, commitment to customers and willingness to listen are just a few of the keys to the success of Country Parlour.

Eventually, the Hovanec’s sold off their ice cream store so that they could concentrate on the production of the best premium ice cream available in Northeast Ohio. Today, Country Parlour supplies their premium ice cream and other frozen treats to ice cream stores, restaurants, clubs and other discriminating institutions all across the region. The values present at the beginning of the journey still drive the way Country Parlour does business today.


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